Our Technology

Since 1993 Earth Signal has developed our own 100% proprietary SeisRight™ processing software suite. Our main focus during the development of our software has been to create innovative algorithms and unique workflows allowing us to provide our customers with the highest quality products.

We currently employ a team of full time R&D and Programming staff who are continuously developing and maintaining our software based on client and market input.  This allows us to be extremely flexible and responsive and not dependent on a third party provider for software fixes or updates.

We exclusively process onshore seismic data, and with that focus have created specialized solutions for land seismic survey issues such as statics, velocity analysis, noise attenuation and geometry confirmation. We have developed advanced tools such as 5D pre-stack interpolation, azimuthal anisotropy detection from p-wave data, 4D processing of time-lapse surveys for reservoir monitoring, pre-stack simultaneous AVO inversion, and a full suite of 3C processing capabilities.

Because of our dedicated onshore focus, our proprietary software, and our international processing experience, Earth Signal has become a preferred service provider for many companies around the globe. We use web-based tools for our clients to remotely QC their projects from overseas.  The centralized processing centre with readily scalable online disk space, along with our collaborative team-based company structure gives us a significant advantage over our competitors in terms of turnaround time and data quality for processing projects.

Earth Signal maintains a centralized, scalable, state of the art hardware infrastructure with enough capacity to handle multiple large projects simultaneously with over 3,800 CPU’s, multiple HPC clusters, back up centre and various media loading, plotting and secure FTP server.