P-wave Azimuthal Anisotropy Analysis - VVAZ/AVAZ

For wide azimuth 3D surveys, we can analyze the behavior of velocities and amplitudes and equate those observations to azimuthal anisotropy.

With our 100% proprietary software, we can interactively measure the magnitude of the different velocity variations and the fast and slow directions of the velocities. These values can be displayed as a vector at each 3D bin to make up a horizon display of fracture density and orientation. Our interactive software can analyze these variations at each bin and display several QCs to ensure that the sinusoidal behavior is captured properly and the azimuthal corrections are applied. We can perform this analysis at a horizon of interest that has been picked by the interpreter. We then produce the vector map for the entire surface. The vectors are shown at each bin and the colour changes indicate the magnitude of the velocity differences or fracture intensity. Likewise, we can analyze the behaviour of amplitudes with changing azimuths to quantify the azimuthal anisotropy effect.