Simultaneous AVO Inversion

Using a model based approach we begin by creating P, S, and density models with horizons as a guide.

Once we convert to angle gathers, we then process the CDP gathers through 5D interpolation and PSTM. Angle gathers are analyzed at well locations to determine the variations. A wavelet is extracted from the data and phase corrections are applied to each angle stack, then a spatially variant wavelet is extracted after final rotation. Background trends, angle stacks, models and extracted wavelets are then input into the inversion algorithm. The outputs provided by our method are, P-Impedance, S-Impedance, Vp/Vs, Poisson’s Ratio, Lambda Rho, MuRho and Density volumes. QC of the results are done in conjunction with client representatives using our interactive software where we can crossplot the wells, seismic, wells vs seismic, and view the model, result and the residual.