Pre-Stack Depth Migration

Through our recent acquisition of Data Modeling Inc. (DMI), a Calgary based seismic imaging company, we have extended our advanced imaging toolbox to include proprietary pre-stack Depth (PreSDM) migration workflows utilizing AutoImager.

The acquisition agreement is exclusive and includes all intellectual property, software, code, and experienced imaging personnel including the original founder. Since 1996, DMI has spent over 60-man years developing proprietary velocity analysis and imaging tools known in the industry as AutoImager. Having the opportunity to augment our leading toolbox with robust depth migration software with proven results, and experienced depth migration personnel, allows us to offer our clients an expanded package of advanced complex imaging solutions.

AutoImager has successfully completed over 550 projects. These include 2D and 3D data, land and marine, and PreSTM and PreSDM from around the globe:

-> Imaging Issues Addressed by AutoImager

  • Salt Flanks
  • Sub basalt events
  • Steeply dipping structures
  • Highly faulted structures
  • Sub chalk events
  • Fault Shadow problem
  • Poor signal to noise
  • Extreme velocity variations
  • Detailed interval velocity
  • Pore pressure prediction